Pole Position is an interactive race game where the digital and the physical world meet and compete.
Based on the original classic racegame "PolePosition", the first fullcolor racegame for the Atari.

Pole Position is a game where the physical and digital world come together, born from the human desire to recreate digital environments, and reshape them to our own physical world.
Users look at a screen that combines both physical, realtime recorded elements, in a digital game with digital objects. They play the game with with a custommade joystick that controls a small reallife car and moving elements in the installation competing against digitally generated objects in a race against time.

The car and other mechanic objects are realtime recorded with a small camera which transports its signal to a computer that runs the game. Users see a screen where both digital and physical elements are visble and controllable in the game. They control the car and its movement & speed and play aginst the computer where the car collides and interacts with digitally generated obstacles.
Users control the movement of the car and have to try to score points by hitting and avoiding digital objects with the physical car, and try to stay on the road and get the highest userscore.
Userscores are accredited in the end of the game at the "high score screen" by punching their name in connected to their score.
Users gain more and more control over the mechanics the further they get in the game such as light, sounds, strobes and effects.

The objective in "Pole Position" is to create an environment where digital space, time and objects come together in a physical game that users control.
"Pole Position" adds the spectators senses to the "man against machine" game experience and demonstrates digitally implemented ideas spatially, while staying true to their 2d origins.